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This week we are looking at side and end tables and our favourite ways to use them to make the biggest impact. How can such a small piece make such a difference to your living room, you ask? 
Often an afterthought when designing your living room yet perhaps the most versatile, elegant and game-changing piece you can invest in. Here we show you how to make the best use of a side or end table to pull your living room together, making it a cosy, stylish and well-designed space. Our five favourite ways to style and use a side or end table...
1. Displaying floral arrangements
Instead of displaying your favourite floral arrangements on a wall-based console or shelf unit, display your flowers at different heights in amongst your furniture to provide beautiful focal points around your room without taking up other much-needed surface space.
Sourced from Pinterest
Source: Pinterest
2. Lighten and brighten your room
Mirrored options such as our Seminyak nest side tables actually lighten and brighten a space by reflecting light and making your room look bigger. Add a stylish lamp and its warm glow will be reflected around your home. Functional and beautifully cosy at the same time. 
Source: Pinterest
3. Add balance to your room
Creating visual balance in a room is key to it looking great. Avoid too much clutter, carefully select your favourite pieces and ensure each wall is proportionately balanced. A side or end table either side of your sofa is a great way to achieve this. 
Source: Pinterest
4. Perfect place for your table lamps
Creating a cosy, welcoming ambience in your home is a much sought after look. Instead of bright ceiling lights, beautiful table lamps will give you that feeling whilst adding a stunning decorative touch with pops of colour, texture and pattern that complement your design scheme. 
Source: Pinterest 
5. Where better to rest your glass of wine and your favourite book
Not only can side and end tables look super elegant and stylish, but they’re also super functional. The perfect place to rest your glass of wine or your favourite book, without taking up lots of floor space or risking getting knocked over.
Source: Pinterest
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