How To Enhance Your Everyday Home Life...

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Right now our homes have never been more important. We need to create spaces that help us to feel safe, calm and protected. We’ve put together 4 simple ways you can enhance your everyday home life…
Create a distinction between your workspace and your relaxing home space!
Your workspace should ideally be somewhere that you can be productive with minimal disruptions, where you can feel calm and focus. Easier said than done when you have the little ones running around but as much as you can do to separate the spaces the better.
    Clear the Clutter!
    That’s clutter that’s in view and also all those drawers and cupboards where clutter gathers. Recycling and removing all the clutter will have huge benefits to your mental health, particularly as we all now spend the majority of our days at home. It will also save stress and time in finding things and anything we can do to reduce stress and arguments is key right now. Once all the surfaces are clear it also makes it easier to clean and disinfect so you know the family are all safe and germ-free. 
      Clean the air!
      As we are now in Spring, it’s a great time to throw open your windows and let fresh air in. Especially as our time out and about is now so restricted, getting fresh and clean air into your home will not only improve ventilation, it will reduce CO2 concentration meaning higher levels of concentration and focus. It will also help indoor air quality and this improves your health too.
        Create a sanctuary!
        It’s important that we each have space we can retreat to that is a quiet place away from the noise and chaos. Especially if you have a large and young family. We know it can be difficult getting some time to yourself but if you can create a calm, relaxing bedroom that will serve as a sanctuary and somewhere you can get some much-needed rest. Making our beds each day and minimising our use of devices in our bedrooms too can make all the difference to our sleep quality.
                     Here are some of our favourite bedroom designs to inspire you...
          PAD bedroom
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