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Why Create a Moodboard?

There are so many different ideas, concepts, styles and colours. It can be really overwhelming and costly if you get it wrong. Creating a moodboard and a concept with your Interior Designer before you make any decisions can save you so much time, stress and money. Start with the feeling you want to create in the room, it can really help to have a few words on how you want the room to feel to help guide your decisions and keep you on track. From there you'll then be able to select the paint colours, accent tones, fabrics and furniture to create a cohesive scheme that creates that feeling for you.

Here our clients wanted to create a warm, calm, luxurious, modern living space with pops of colour and natural materials. So we incorporated a warm neutral tone paint using Little Greene Slaked Lime combined with furniture pieces with clean modern lines, natural wood, marble, organic linen and beautiful plants to bring the outside in. Finished off with handmade ceramics and touches of brass to elevate the space and a soft luxurious rug. 




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