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Why create a moodboard?

There are so many different ideas, concepts, styles and colours. It can be really overwhelming and costly if you get it wrong. Creating a moodboard and a concept with your Interior Designer before you make any decisions can save you so much time, stress and money. Start with the feeling you want to create in the room, it can really help to have a few words on how you want the room to feel to help guide your decisions and keep you on track. From there you'll then be able to select the paint colours, accent tones, fabrics and furniture to create a cohesive scheme that creates that feeling for you.

Here our clients wanted to create a warm, calm, luxurious, modern living space with pops of colour and natural materials. So we incorporated a warm neutral tone paint using Little Greene Slaked Lime combined with furniture pieces with clean modern lines, natural wood, marble, organic linen and beautiful plants to bring the outside in. Finished off with handmade ceramics and touches of brass to elevate the space and a soft luxurious rug. 


How to Enhance Your Everyday Home Life

Right now our homes have never been more important. We need to create spaces that help us to feel safe, calm and protected. We’ve put together 4 simple ways you can enhance your everyday home life…
Create a distinction between your workspace and your relaxing home space!
Your workspace should ideally be somewhere that you can be productive with minimal disruptions, where you can feel calm and focus. Easier said than done when you have the little ones running around but as much as you can do to separate the spaces the better.
    Clear the Clutter!
    That’s clutter that’s in view and also all those drawers and cupboards where clutter gathers. Recycling and removing all the clutter will have huge benefits to your mental health, particularly as we all now spend the majority of our days at home. It will also save stress and time in finding things and anything we can do to reduce stress and arguments is key right now. Once all the surfaces are clear it also makes it easier to clean and disinfect so you know the family are all safe and germ-free. 
      Clean the air!
      As we are now in Spring, it’s a great time to throw open your windows and let fresh air in. Especially as our time out and about is now so restricted, getting fresh and clean air into your home will not only improve ventilation, it will reduce CO2 concentration meaning higher levels of concentration and focus. It will also help indoor air quality and this improves your health too.
        Create a sanctuary!
        It’s important that we each have space we can retreat to that is a quiet place away from the noise and chaos. Especially if you have a large and young family. We know it can be difficult getting some time to yourself but if you can create a calm, relaxing bedroom that will serve as a sanctuary and somewhere you can get some much-needed rest. Making our beds each day and minimising our use of devices in our bedrooms too can make all the difference to our sleep quality.
                     Here are some of our favourite bedroom designs to inspire you...
          PAD bedrooms
          Shop our PAD bedroom range here
          If you'd like any help or advice putting together a bedroom concept, get in touch

          PAD Interior Design Service

          When our homes don't work for us or we feel they don't reflect our style, it can have quite an impact on our day-to-day family life. Those DIY projects you never get time to finish, what paint colours to use or even determining what your style is.
          If you're looking for some interior advice, inspiration or ideas to suit your taste and home, get in touch with our design team 
          and we can work remotely with you to create a beautiful home that works for you whether that's some mood boards, concepts, space planning or furniture ideas. We're here to help.
          PAD Interior Design
          PAd Interior Design
          Let there be light

          PAD Guide to Lighting Your Home

          When it comes to designing your home, lighting is one of the most powerful design tools, that can drastically transform your home. 
          By assessing each room from how you use each space, where you need the light to be, to scale and size and the levels of natural light in each room. You can determine the best positioning, style and amount of light you need. When walking through your home or sitting with your plans, it can be really helpful to consider the following:
          • What will each space be used for? this should include all possible uses of each room. Is the kitchen also a dining room, a place where your kids will do their homework? Will it be used for evening dinners and social gatherings? Is your spare bedroom also an office space?
          • Will there be key pieces of furniture, artwork on your walls or any architectural features such as fireplaces or window seats that you want to highlight in any of your rooms? 
          • Who will be using each room? It is worth considering that someone over 60 generally needs 15 times more light than a twelve-year-old would.
          • When do you use the room or space the most? This is also worth considering because if you only use a room in the evening for relaxing, the being able to dim your lights will be a great advantage and need to be planned in early on with your electrician.
            This week we're looking at ceiling lights. 
            Rooms with very high ceilings work well with large or low-level pendants, particularly when they are grouped over tables or kitchen islands. For a lower ceiling, elegant spotlights can work better. Especially those that can be angled to an area that needs more light cast on it. Or if you're wanting to work with feature lighting, flush ceiling lights can work beautifully too. With ceiling pendants, you are often able to adjust the height to ensure it works perfectly in your space.
            Here is a handy guide to working out how much light you will need:
            To easily calculate the amount of light needed for a particular room, work out the size of the space in square metres. Allow roughly 25 watts per metre (250 lumens). Please note, that this light does not come from a single source, it can come from a combination of different lights - ceiling, wall and table or floor lamps too.
            Here is a selection of our new lighting collection to inspire you. You can shop our full collection here
            PAD Ceiling Lights


            Reeded Glass Pendant Light


            Black Chrome Cluster Pendant Light


            Hexagonal Pendant Light


            Industrial Matt Black Pendant Light


            Antique Brass Ceiling Pendant


            Brass Star Ceiling Light


            Sphere Shaped Pendant Light


            Matt White Pendant Light

            Images sourced from Pinterest

            How elegant side tables can transform a room...

            This week we are looking at side and end tables and our favourite ways to use them to make the biggest impact. How can such a small piece make such a difference to your living room, you ask?
            Often an afterthought when designing your living room yet perhaps the most versatile, elegant and game-changing piece you can invest in. Here we show you how to make the best use of a side or end table to pull your living room together, making it a cosy, stylish and well-designed space. Our five favourite ways to style and use a side or end table...
            1. Displaying floral arrangements
            Instead of displaying your favourite floral arrangements on a wall-based console or shelf unit, display your flowers at different heights in amongst your furniture to provide beautiful focal points around your room without taking up other much-needed surface space.
            Sourced from Pinterest
            Source: Pinterest
            2. Lighten and brighten your room
            Mirrored options such as our Seminyak nest side tables actually lighten and brighten a space by reflecting light and making your room look bigger. Add a stylish lamp and its warm glow will be reflected around your home. Functional and beautifully cosy at the same time. 

            Source: Pinterest
            3. Add balance to your room
            Creating visual balance in a room is key to it looking great. Avoid too much clutter, carefully select your favourite pieces and ensure each wall is proportionately balanced. A side or end table either side of your sofa is a great way to achieve this. 
            Source: Pinterest
            4. Perfect place for your table lamps
            Creating a cosy, welcoming ambience in your home is a much sought after look. Instead of bright ceiling lights, beautiful table lamps will give you that feeling whilst adding a stunning decorative touch with pops of colour, texture and pattern that complement your design scheme. 
            Source: Pinterest 
            5. Where better to rest your glass of wine and your favourite book
            Not only can side and end tables look super elegant and stylish, but they’re also super functional. The perfect place to rest your glass of wine or your favourite book, without taking up lots of floor space or risking getting knocked over.
            Source: Pinterest
            You can shop our hand-picked selection of beautiful side and end tables here
            We love to see how you style our PAD pieces in your home, share how you style your side and end tables with us on Instagram by tagging us #LoveMyPad
            If you would like any interior or styling advice, simply get in touch we would love to help. 

            There's a certain je ne sais quoi about French country décor, think natural gorgeous natural materials, muted tones, soft fabrics, extravagant lighting, beautifully intricate wallpaper—all with a rustic touch. Open to our own interpretations, French country style, from can be modern, eclectic and classic in style. It's all about finding the style that suits you and your home. 



            1. Charcoal Throw with Rabbit Pompoms

            2. Deer Head Wall Mount

            3. Large Downtown Electric Lamp

            4. Large Steel "X" Hurricane

            5. Stag's Head Wall Mount

            6. Versailles 5' Weathered Cane Bed

            7. Versailles Bedside Table Weathered

            8. White Small Orchid Phalaenopsis in Glass

            9. Wooden Frame Wall Clock

            We LOVE seeing what #PADPIECES are your favourites. Here are our bestsellers from this week, and we have to agree, you guys have great taste!

            1. Dorchester Dijon Velvet Chaise Longue

            2. Devon Tub Chair Faux Sheepskin

            3. Art Deco Bar Cart

            4. Santa Rosa Stool

            5. Rockefeller Leopard Print Pouffe



            Featuring opulent brass and gold detailing, soft sumptuous velvet, intricately crafted striking stone stools that are warmed and contrasted by solid acacia wood and softened with decadent dusky tones, all work perfectly to create a luxe interior scheme that is impossible to resist.

            1. Odo 5 Ceiling Light

            2. Dawn Abstract Wall Art

            3. Liberty Black Metal Wall Mirror, Small

            4. White Orchid Phalaenopsis in Shallow Glass

            5. Toronto 2 Door Cabinet

            6. Luxe Pink Velvet Chaise Longue

            7. Miyake Stool

            8. Brushed Brass and Marble Lamp

            9. Britannia Coffee Table Champagne

            10. Ellis Rug Silver

            Your dining room is the perfect place to gather together with loved ones, share a home-cooked meal, talk and make memories. Some use their dining room every mealtime so prefer the room to be more relaxed, whilst others, for special occasions only. Whichever way you use your dining room, having a thoughtfully styled space that works for you and your family will make dining a pleasure.

            With hosting season nearly upon us, there’s never been a better time to get your dining room guest-ready. And what better way to wow your guests than with an expertly styled, comfy and elegant dining room. Here is some inspiration to get you started.


            Shop the Glam Look...

            Create a decadent designer feel for your home with these hand-picked homewares and accessories.

            1. White Small Orchid Phalaenopsis in Glass

            2. Ivory Fabric Dining Chair

            3. Venus Oak Wood Dining Table

            4. Emmy 28 Pendant Light Brushed Gold 

            5. Phalaenopsis Orchids in glass oblong vase          

            6. Milan Glass Top Dining Table

            7. Iman Round Mirror Black

            8. St. Ives 3 Door Sideboard

            9. Art Deco Bar Cart

            10. Canonbury Dining Chair

            11. Grey Industrial dining table

            12. Silver dining chair

            13. Darlinghurst Marble, Agate and Brass Console Table

            14. Iza Black Velvet Dining Chair